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Reflecting Our Community:
2020 Conference of the NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program

November 9 – November 13
Our 2020 conference was focused on fostering better community engagement, highlighting the efforts of community leaders and other partners that are striving for more inclusive and equitable management of the Estuary and our waterfronts. The conference week included interactive sessions on fairer public access, community-led habitat restoration and water quality management, environmental justice, and advancing inclusiveness and diversity in the sciences and environmental professions.
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What’s Going On

Educational Materials
Search, Sort, and Find Educational Materials Using our New Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers

These are times which call for the deepening of scientific literacy, and the importance of creating informed discourse and decisions about the future of our Harbor Estuary. HEP’s Educational Materials Resource Guide offers parents and teachers an up-to-date, searchable, sortable collection of resources from environmental educators across the Harbor Estuary.


Dec 07

2-3:30 pm


A Whale of a Tale: Acoustic Monitoring in the Upper and Lower New York Bay

Cetacean sightings have become increasingly common in the New York Bight, including in and around the Upper and Lower New York Bay. In order to better understand seasonal presence and habitat-use of cetaceans and levels of ocean noise in these nearshore waters, acoustic recorders were deployed over a two-year period.

Dec 09


Jersey Water Works Virtual Conference 2020

Don’t miss the sixth annual Jersey Water Works Conference on December 9-11! This multi-day virtual event will focus on finding innovative ways to upgrade New Jersey’s aging water infrastructure. Join more than 300 state and local decision-makers, practitioners, and stakeholders to learn about and discuss one of the biggest challenges facing our state.

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