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Passaic River Shoreline Repair and Park Enhancement Grant, Kearny NJ

The Lower Passaic, a 17-mile tidal stretch from Dundee Dam in Clifton, NJ to Newark Bay, has borne a heavy burden of pollution from a century of industrialization in the Passaic River Watershed. In 2016, EPA issued a Record of Decision (ROD) which selected a remedy to address contaminated sediments found in the lower 8.3 miles of the Lower Passaic River. Based on previous assessments of the Passaic River shoreline in anticipation of the remedial action, a section of the shoreline at Kearny Riverbank Park has been identified as containing structures in poor state of repair. The development of a conceptual plan that will help assess the best option for addressing these structures and that envisions a future shoreline with improved waterfront access points, habitat, park features, and resiliency measures is a critical a step toward the improvement of the Lower Passaic River shoreline and Riverbank Park in the Town of Kearny.

Site Assessment and Design Services for Shoreline Repair and Park Enhancement

The New York – New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP) is partnering with the Town of Kearny to request proposals that support the enhancement of Kearny Riverbank Park, including portions of the Passaic River shoreline which currently contain deteriorated structures including but not limited to timber piles, wooden wharfs and bulkheads. We are requesting proposals from qualified firms for site assessment and design services, including preparation of a plan to address these structures and otherwise improve public waterfront access and other park features, habitat, erosion, and stormwater management.

Grant Deadlines:

  • July 14, 2024 – Notice of intent to apply and submission of written questions (optional) 
  • July 26, 2024 – HEP Response to questions
  • August 18, 2024 – Full proposals due by 11:59 pm.
  • September 4, 2024 – Approximate award notification date
  • September 1, 2025 – Project completion


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