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Promoting Public Understanding

PS 47 Student Group - Photo Credit: Don Riepe

The Hudson River Foundation and NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program support and undertake a variety of educational and community engagement efforts. Our work seeks to raise the profile of the River and Estuary and the importance of science in its management, helping increase awareness of the resource, deepening scientific literacy, and creating better discourse and decisions about its future.

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HEP Citizens Advisory Committee

The main mechanism for citizen input into the Estuary Program is the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

Urban Waters Federal Partnership

The NY-NJ Harbor Estuary is home to two of the EPA’s nineteen designated Partnership locations: the Lower Passaic River and the Bronx/Harlem Rivers.

Edward A. Ames Seminars

Seminar Series on scientific issues related to the environmental quality and resource management of the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary.

Small Grants Programs