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Public Access and Stewardship

Bringing people to its shorelines and onto the water requires creating access opportunities and improving the quality of the experience that people have at parks and other public spaces. This is especially important for waterfront communities lacking access and the other resources needed to enjoy the River and its estuary. The Hudson River Foundation helps create new access sites and supports better stewardship and public programs through small grants to local government, environmental organizations, and community groups. The Hudson River Improvement Fund, the Newtown Creek Fund, and NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program Public Access and Stewardship grants have supported refurbished docks, waterfront festivals, classroom experiences and even children's swimming lessons. HEP and its Public Access Work Group has characterized public access and its distribution around the 1600 mile shoreline of the Harbor Estuary and works collaboratively on a variety of planning and policy initiatives.


Safe Space Commitment

Related Resources

NY-NJ HEP Public Access and Stewardship Grants

HEP provides funding for organizations to conduct projects promoting stewardship and public access to the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary.

Public Access Work Group

The Public Access Work Group undertakes activities identified to improve access to the estuary’s waterfront and waterways.

City of Water Day

City of Water Day is an annual celebration dedicated to enjoying our waterways, raising awareness of sea level rise and climate change risks, and championing a resilient New York and New Jersey Harbor.

Harlem River Watershed Plan

This plan, prepared by NYC Parks with support from the Urban Waters Federal Partnership, serves as a road map to use to pursue coordinated resource protection and restoration goals in the Bronx portion of the Harlem River watershed.

Hudson River Foundation