CARP Overview

The Contamination Assessment and Reduction Project (CARP) is a landmark project bringing together federal, state and non-government partners in a determined effort to reduce contamination within the NY/NJ Harbor Estuary, particularly as it relates to dredged material management. Contamination of sediments by PCBs, dioxin and other toxic chemicals is widespread. This has resulted in significantly increased dredging and disposal costs in the Harbor as well as other impacts to the health of the estuary.

View the May 2008 Final Summary Report and Findings here.


The CARP sampling program collected water, sediment, biota and physical data to provide input and model calibration for the detailed sediment and contaminant fate and transport modeling effort, as well as to guide source trackdown and remediation/restoration efforts.

All data collected under the CARP program are available on request. The data collected under CARP are stored in a Microsoft Access database enabling users to access the information using standard Microsoft Access tools or through a customized interface available on the CDs. The customized interface provides tools to search, view and export data in Microsoft Excel format.

To request a copy of the CARP CDs, contact the Hudson River Foundation at or at 212-483-7667.

To access the modeling reports, visit the CARP website at