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Hudson River Fund

Scientists and volunteers conducting electrofishing survey in the Bronx River. Photo from final report of 2015 grantee Dr. Merry Camhi of Wildlife Conservation Society, taken by Jake LaBelle of WCS.

Key Interest Areas

We invite proposals that can address issues consistent with our mission to provide important scientific insights needed to advance the conservation and restoration of the Hudson River ecosystem.  Areas of interest for this special competition include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental and Climate Justice: Research to assess and synthesize current knowledge of the public health risks (e.g., contaminants and pathogens) presented by coastal and storm water flooding in environmental justice communities. Research may include comprehensive assessment of current research, data, and risks across a spectrum of sources of flooding. We are particularly interested in projects that can fill knowledge gaps that may help public agencies and civic organizations in the Hudson River Estuary and Watershed determine the most effective means of addressing and/or communicating risk.
  • Water Quality: Research and synthesis that build upon current monitoring data, modeling, and other approaches, that can provide managers with a better understanding of the extent and variability of critical water quality parameters (e.g., fecal pathogens, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and sediment) throughout the Hudson River Estuary and Watershed. Advancing safe recreational use, understanding implications for habitat, and/or addressing the implications of climate change on water quality are of special interest especially when such projects address priority, shared water quality issues in New York and New Jersey.
  • Climate Change Impacts on the Ecosystem: Research to further explicate the impacts of climate change on natural communities and their interactions (e.g., anticipated changes to key fisheries, changes in ecosystem characteristics, etc.) throughout the Hudson River Estuary and Watershed.
  • Emerging issues of concern: Novel research and synthesis regarding any aspect of the environmental and social components of the ecosystem and their interactions, particularly topics where findings may lead to a better understanding of issues that will require policy and management responses in the future.

Those who are interested in applying are strongly encouraged to contact the Foundation to discuss their ideas prior to submitting a proposal.  Please email Jonathan Kramer (jkramer@hudsonriver.org ) or James Lodge (jim@hudsonriver.org).

HRF is committed to serving the diverse communities of the Hudson River and to facilitating an ongoing and inclusive dialogue with scientists, managers, policy makers, other stakeholders, and the general public, to address the environmental and societal challenges facing the community of the Hudson River and Watershed. We seek to enhance this work by supporting researchers and students, with the unique and varied backgrounds, circumstances, needs, and perspectives that reflect the diversity of our community.

The 2021 Hudson River Fund Proposal Deadline has passed.

Click Here to View the 2021 Call for Proposals

The Foundation seeks to elucidate the dynamic interactions among the biological, chemical, physical and human processes that are important to the Hudson River ecosystem. In particular, the Foundation encourages research in areas that are both scientifically important and relevant to current or anticipated public policy and resource management issues affecting the River and its watershed. This year’s Call for Proposals will focus on identifying a limited number of projects that reflect the Foundation’s interest in innovative approaches to understanding current and emerging issues for the Hudson River Estuary and Watershed. We are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Provide focused outcomes and serve as a catalyst for additional research;
  • Synthesize existing data, especially social and biophysical information that is relevant to understanding how social, economic, and natural systems are coupled in the Hudson River ecosystem;
  • Complete and/or advance ongoing projects to achieve more innovative or comprehensive outcomes, particularly those that can inform policy and decision making and;
  • Provide opportunities for partnerships with the Foundation that can lead to productive engagement with decisionmakers from communities who can benefit from the results of research.

The Foundation encourages those who have not received funding from the Foundation previously and researchers from the social and behavioral sciences to consider this opportunity. In addition, we are particularly interested in applications from postdoctoral fellows and early career researchers who are within five years post-completion of postdoctoral or graduate studies.

Please consult the 2021 Call for Proposals for further details.

Proposal Forms:

  • Cover Page: PDF
  • Proposal Abstract: PDF
  • Budget Instructions: PDF
  • Proposal Budget Summary:    Excel  |  PDF