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Our Work

The purpose of the Hudson River Foundation is to make science integral to decision-making with regard to the Hudson River, its estuary and its watershed, and to support competent stewardship of this extraordinary resource.

How We Work

We improve stewardship of the Hudson River and New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary by supporting and communicating scientific research, facilitating collaborative inquiry and management, and promoting enjoyment of and education about this extraordinary resource within six themes:

Restoring Signature Fisheries

The status of the Hudson River’s most important fish species is mixed, with some showing marked declines in recent years. Better scientific information is essential to understand the factors controlling the abundance of these fish and to apply this knowledge to their continued management.


Restoring and Improving Habitats

The Hudson River and its estuary are ecologically significant resources, despite its location in a major metropolitan region. There are many opportunities to restore and preserve key habitats and target ecosystem characteristics. Aligning partnerships and funding, and improving the practice of ecological restoration, are key to success.


Improving Water and Sediment Quality

Improving the quality of water and sediment is the cornerstone for enhancing the ecological health and the well being of people living and recreating on the Hudson River and other waterways. Reducing the impacts of current and legacy pollution sources is critical for the economy as well as for the estuary. Addressing water and sediment quality issues can add amenity and value to waterfront communities while lowering cost of necessary dredging.


Supporting Public Access and Stewardship

The Hudson River and Harbor Estuary is the biggest public space in the nation’s largest metropolitan area. Access to these waters – whether for swimming, boating, fishing, or just enjoying the spectacular views – is an amenity that impacts quality of life and drives spending and investments by residents, visitors, and businesses.


Promoting Public Understanding

Education about and engagement with our waterways are critical to supporting an awareness and culture of caring about the Hudson River Estuary. Advancing scientific literacy can build an informed and active constituency: citizens and civic and community-based organizations that understand and are deeply committed to the wonderful complexity of this unique ecosystem and appreciate the role of science in making decisions about its future.


Addressing Climate Change

Climate change is impacting the health of the Hudson River, its watershed, and estuary. Warmer air and water temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, increases in the number and magnitude of extreme weather events like hurricanes and drought, and rising sea levels are already changing baseline conditions and affecting people and wildlife. These changes are expected to increase in the future.

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