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Citizen Science

Supporting Citizen Science

Citizen science, or community science, is a collaboration between professional scientists, students, and volunteers that enables collection of data and/or scientific analysis. This work contributes critical data, informing solutions while enhancing community engagement in management decision making. The Foundation supports citizen science through grants, technical assistance, and helping connect public agencies, practitioners, and volunteers.

HEP’s Citizen Science Volunteer Platform is a digital space dedicated to the exchange of available volunteer opportunities. Whether it has a community group posting opportunities for volunteers or college students looking for field experience, HEP’s citizen science volunteer platform creates a bridge toward meaningful engagement. To post opportunities with your organization use the hashtags #NYNJCitizenScience and/or #NYNJCommunityScience on a social media post describing the call for volunteers and citizen scientists. For more information email eballadares@hudsonriver.org.