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The Hudson River Foundation, together with the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program, is committed to continuing, through the course of the coronavirus pandemic, our work of understanding, protecting and restoring the Hudson River. Our offices are closed, but we are working from our homes, maintaining the activities of as many of our programs as feasible through webinars and other virtual means of pursuing our mission alongside the rest of our Hudson River community.

What’s Going On

Educational Materials
Search, Sort, and Find Educational Materials Using our New Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers

These are times which call for the deepening of scientific literacy, and the importance of creating informed discourse and decisions about the future of our Harbor Estuary. HEP’s Educational Materials Resource Guide offers parents and teachers an up-to-date, searchable, sortable collection of resources from environmental educators across the Harbor Estuary.


Sep 12


City of Water Day 2020

HEP and the Waterfront Alliance are excited to announce this year’s City of Water Day. We’re looking forward to helping celebrate and strengthen, in a safe way, the efforts of our partners across NY & NJ who are working to improve community resilience and preparedness for climate change and sea level rise. Stay tuned for more info!

Sep 24

8:30-5:00 pm


Beneficial Use of Dredge Material For Coastal Resilience Workshop

The NSBPA workshop on the Beneficial Use of Dredge Material for Coastal Resilience will provide a forum for coastal practitioners and regulators to discuss successes and challenges in the use of RSM and BUDM for coastal resilience.

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