Our Work

The Hudson River Foundation seeks to make science integral to decision-making about the Hudson River and its watershed and to support science-based stewardship of this extraordinary resource for all who live, work, and recreate there.

How We Work

We support scientific research, facilitate collaborative inquiry and management, and promote enjoyment of—and education about—this extraordinary resource centered around six themes:

Restoring Signature Fisheries

We support scientific research and coordinate programs that examine how a variety of factors impact the Hudson River’s fisheries and inform how these fisheries are managed.


Restoring and Improving Habitats

We work with government, academic and non-profit partners to study and enhance key habitats in the Hudson River watershed and estuary, which lies in the nation’s largest and most densely developed metropolitan area.


Improving Water and Sediment Quality

We help government, businesses, utilities, and communities manage water resources and address sources of pollution. These improvements enhance ecological health, benefit the economy, and improve the wellbeing of people living and recreating along these waters.


Supporting Public Access

We collaborate with park agencies, stewardship organizations, and communities to provide more access to local waterways.


Increasing Understanding and Stewardship

We assist educators to increase public understanding of this important ecosystem and facilitate community engagement in management decisions.


Addressing Climate Change

We improve understanding of how climate change is affecting the estuary and what interventions will be most effective in protecting people, property and the environments.

Hudson River Foundation