Citizen Science

Supporting Citizen Science in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Citizen science, or community science, is a collaboration between professional scientists, students, and volunteers that enables collection of data and/or scientific analysis. This work contributes critical data, informing solutions while enhancing community engagement in management decisions. The Foundation supports citizen science through grants, technical assistance, and by helping connect public agencies, practitioners, and volunteers.

Our Citizen Science Volunteer Platform is a digital space dedicated to the exchange of available volunteer monitoring opportunities and the significant work of our partners across the Harbor Estuary. In order to continue conducting activities safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, partners have modified their standard operating procedures. The Lower Hudson Partnership (LHP) and NY-NJ Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP) have collected a number of helpful resources on COVID-19 protocols from partners across the Harbor Estuary and are highlighting them in our volunteer platform and in our #COVIDSafeEngagement Resource Folder.

If your organization has developed or updated COVID-19 field & lab procedures and other helpful resources on: Water quality monitoring and lab protocols, Trash Pick-ups & monitoring, Restoration activities, Community engagement and on-water activities and Disclaimers & waivers, we’d love to feature them! To share your resources please send them to Riverkeeper Water Quality Program Scientist, Jen Epstein at, and she will add them to the COVIDSafeEngagement Resource Folder. To highlight your available resources on the Citizen Science Volunteer Platform be sure to add the hashtag #COVIDSafeEngagement to a social media post that talks about the protocols/procedures you have developed to keep your staff and volunteers safe. For more information about how to be featured below please reach out to HEP Outreach Coordinator, Liz Balladares at

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