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City of Water Day Grants

City of Water Day is a free, region-wide program organized by the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program, Waterfront Alliance, and many other great partners. The celebration raises awareness about the dangers we all face from sea level rise and climate change and inspires residents to advocate for a climate-resilient New York and New Jersey Harbor.

City of Water Day 2023 will be held on July 15. We are currently accepting proposals for public programs focused on this year’s theme: building resilience and expanding community capacity.

For more information on how to register for CWD 2023 and to stay on top of the latest updates visit Cityofwaterday.org

To view last year’s map of events, click here.

Grant Deadlines:

  • Webinar covering application and this year’s theme: March 2, 2023.
  • Register your event by May 8, 2023, if you’d like to be considered for funding.
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