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Core HEP Documents

Other useful HEP documents:

  • Public Access: This 2016 Report characterizes public access and its distribution around the Harbor Estuary, the relationship of these parks and public spaces to socioeconomic need, and where and how civic organizations are providing stewardship and programming at the waterfront
  • Water Quality: The 2021 Water Quality Monitoring Report is the latest update of a common framework for understanding and accessing water quality information in shared waters across the two states.
  • Habitat: Progress Report - Restoring the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary (2020-2022). This report addresses the achievements made by the HEP Restoration Work Group Partners between 2020 and
    2022, and overall progress towards the 2020 and 2050 goals.
  • Regional Sediment Management Plan: This 2008 plan helps coordinate various stakeholders involved in sediment management to control sources of sediment and contaminants, reduce dredging needs and impacts, promote beneficial use of dredged material, and restore a healthy ecosystem.