In Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

To our community,

The Hudson River Foundation, together with the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program, is continuing, through the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the work of understanding, protecting and restoring the Hudson River and supporting the community that is joined with us in that work. We are maintaining the activities of as many of our programs as feasible through our individual tasks conducted at home and through webinars and other virtual means of pursuing our mission alongside the scientific researchers, government officials, policy makers, environmental and other civic interests that make our efforts meaningful, worthwhile, and productive.

As we strive to develop mechanisms to move forward with all our activities through the uncertainties of the coming weeks and months, we will keep in touch with you in every feasible way. This website will keep you updated on our activities and provide information for your participation in events such as ourĀ Edward A. Ames seminars.

We welcome your thoughts, guidance, and help in making this time in our lives and work matter. You may reach us by email or text to us individually or by email to, which we are monitoring continuously. You may call us at 212-483-7667 [212-HUDSONR] to leave a message in the general mailbox or in our individual mailboxes, which are listed on our answering machine.

Our entire staff and Board of Directors look forward to sharing with you the challenges ahead.


Clay Hiles
Executive Director

Robert Elliott
Chair, Board of Directors

Hudson River Foundation