Increasing Understanding and Stewardship

PS 47 Student Group - Photo Credit: Don Riepe

SUCCESS STORY: The Urban Waters Federal Partnerships

Since 2016, HRF has hosted two Urban Waters Federal Partnership Ambassadors who work with communities along the Bronx and Harlem Rivers and the Passaic River. The Ambassadors work with community groups, local governments, foundations, researchers, and others to develop and implement workplans for each location. Programs include near-shore pathogen monitoring to protect public health; educational programming that gets kids and community members out on the water; advancing Superfund remediation in the Passaic; and helping create a watershed management plan for the Harlem River Greenway.

The Foundation helps build an informed and active constituency: citizens and civic and community-based organizations that understand and are deeply committed to the wonderful complexity of this unique ecosystem and appreciate the role of science in making decisions about its future.


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