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Hudson-Harbor Educators Work Group


HEP’s Hudson-Harbor Educators Work Group brings together formal and non-formal educators from across the estuary to share best practices, foster stewardship of the estuary’s shared waterways, and enhances the visibility of the estuary. This group develops and steers the education and stewardship actions in HEP’s Action Agenda and recommends education and stewardship projects. Members of the Hudson-Harbor Educators Work Group include formal educators, non-governmental, municipal, state, and Federal representatives with expertise in environmental education.

In 2018, the group came together to address the need to advance collaboration across organizations in the Hudson-Raritan Estuary. Education about and engagement with our waterways are critical to supporting an awareness and culture of caring about the estuary. This includes promoting harbor literacy and engaging communities and youth in stewardship and outdoor activities. The Hudson-Harbor Educators Work Group meets, at a minimum, quarterly and often opens meetings to support new collaborations with organizations and institutions. To learn more and get involved, please contact Chris Bowser, Rosana Da Silva, and/or Tina Walsh for more information.

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