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Improving Water and Sediment Quality

The Hudson River Foundation works to improve water and sediment quality, and advance progress toward fishable and swimmable waterways. The Foundation funds research to understand the mechanics of sediment transport and chemical effects of contaminants. The New York - New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program brings together key agencies, utilities, environmental organizations and other stakeholders to document water quality status and trends to advance pollution reduction efforts across the bi-state waters of the estuary. Together, the information gathered can be used to help guide decisions on restoration and public access projects.

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Report and Seminar
Impacts of Storms Irene and Sandy on Sediments

Speakers: Frank Nitsche and Tim Kenna, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

Climate Change and the Sensitivity of the Hudson River Estuary to Nutrient Pollution

Speaker: Robert Howarth, Department of Ecology and Environmental Biology, Cornell University

Advancing Guidelines and Methods for Sediment Quality Risk Assessment

Speaker: Stuart Simpson, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia

Linking Sediment Transport in the Hudson from the Tidal River to the Estuary

Speaker: David Ralston, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution