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Restoration Work Group


HEP’s Restoration Work Group brings together technical experts to share best practices, identify solutions to problems common to the restoration community and pursue research and greater understanding that leads to better restoration projects and overall habitat quality. This group develops and steers the habitat actions in HEP’s Action Agenda and recommends habitat restoration and research projects for by HEP and others. Members of the Restoration Work Group include non-governmental, municipal, state, and Federal representatives with expertise in habitat restoration or preservation.

In 2009 the group endorsed the Comprehensive Restoration Plan developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the NY/NJ Port Authority, as a pathway forward to restoring the harbor. The target ecosystem characteristics identified in the plan provides the structure for tracking progress for restoration and conservation.

The Restoration Work Group meets regularly and also hosts a biannual Restoration Conference, a public event highlighting restoration, acquisition, and public access efforts and advancement throughout the harbor estuary.

Restoration Work Group Subcommittees:

Meeting Minutes:

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